The Steuben Glass business has closed.

We thank our loyal customers for their support during the past 109 years, and cannot begin to express our gratitude to the artists, artisans, craftsmen, and the Steuben employees that made the world's finest glass for more than a century.


Steuben Limited Production Items Now Available through The Corning Museum of Glass

The GlassMarket of The Corning Museum of Glass is offering limited production works of Steuben Glass (1903-2011) that are part of a group of unsold items discovered when Corning Incorporated reacquired Steuben in 2011. These limited production designs are being sold exclusively through the GlassMarket of The Corning Museum of Glass; they are available online and also in the Museum's store. All proceeds of the sale of these products benefit the educational mission of the Museum.

For all of you that share our enthusiasm for this wonderful material of glass, we invite you to visit the website of The Corning Museum of Glass in Corning, NY, which is open year-round, seven days a week and features 35 centuries of glass artistry (including an amazing collection of Steuben Glass), live glassmaking demonstrations, and an international GlassMarket with hundreds of handmade items available for purchase.


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