Prelude & Fugue

First introduced in 1993, Robert Cassetti’s captivating design is the visual embodiment of the joy that music brings. Notes engraved on four solid crystal prisms appear to flow as if moved by rhythmic sequence. The appearance of dancing notes is magnified as the piece is turned on its rotating base. Prelude & Fugue is a magical and delightful gift for the musician or listener alike.

A Legacy Continued

For more than a century, Steuben has been internationally recognized as the benchmark of excellence in glass. The flawless brilliance of our material, renowned craftsmanship, and timeless design are without compare. Now, under the stewardship of The Corning Museum of Glass, the story of Steuben is once again available to be shared. Produced in small quantities, each item is hand-crafted to reflect the time and care committed to the achievement of elegance and quality.

Whisper Whiskey Set

Start or add to your Whisper barware set with this special offer of a decanter and two old fashioned glasses. Special price available for a limited time.

Hand Coolers

In the 18th and 19th centuries, young ladies attending dances employed porcelain, marble, and glass eggs to cool hands, heated by the excitement of the evening. Our line of crystal hand coolers modernized the design into exquisitely intricate works of art that nestle refreshingly in your palm.