This offhand sloop, with its sails close-hauled, is representative of one determined to harness the headwinds and reach their upwind destination.

American Bison


A long-standing icon of the American West with sacred religious symbolism for many Native American tribes, Steuben’s American Bison is a stately interpretation of one of our nation’s most majestic mammals. This eye-catching piece is a fitting keepsake for those who are dependable and astute. Optional cherry base sold separately.

Market Trend


An emblematic piece, Market Trend is a sleek desk accessory for any financial enthusiast. Able to be rotated to reflect current trends, one side shows a bull thrusting its horns upwards to attack (market trending up), while the other side symbolizes a bear swiping downward to strike (market trending down). Available in two sizes.

    A Legacy Continued

    For more than a century, Steuben has been internationally recognized as the benchmark of excellence in glass. The flawless brilliance of our material, renowned craftsmanship, and timeless design are without compare. Now, under the stewardship of The Corning Museum of Glass, the story of Steuben is once again available to be shared. Produced in small quantities, each item is hand-crafted to reflect the time and care committed to the achievement of elegance and quality.

    Verve Decanter Set


    The Verve Collection brings contemporary cut crystal to the cocktail hour, and the Verve Decanter Set holds court with a swank sensibility. Set includes two double old fashioned glasses and decanter. Not eligible for discounts.