Oceans Pulse


Four distinctly separate blocks of pure crystal, magically interconnected by the reflective quality of glass, provide abstract patterns of both clear and opaque surfaces that stretch far beyond the boundaries of the material. New forms appear and vanish as the viewer moves, with each subtle alteration in angle delivering an ever-changing vision of the primordial forces found in the ocean's depths. The ocean is the most dynamic force on the planet, says designer Eric Hilton. It influences everything and is the birthplace of life on Earth.

The glistening, varied textures of Ocean's Pulse are achieved through countless hours of copper-wheel engraving and Steuben's unique monair process, all by hand. The glass rests on a base made of Birdseye maple, shaped with the slight curvature of a wave and stained to match the waters of the sea. The design, according to Hilton, portrays the whispering gallery of communication between the dwellers of the deep and the natural forces found in their surroundings.

Height 6.00 inches

Width 9.50 inches

Length 9.50 inches

Collections Exhibition