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Steuben was founded in 1903 by renowned English glass master Frederick Carder, who named it for the New York State county where the town of Corning is located. In 1918, Steuben (pronounced with the accent on the last syllable) became part of Corning Glass Works, now Corning Incorporated. 

In 1933, Steuben created a prismatic crystal formula that could capture, reflect and refract light unlike anything else in the world. Since that moment, Steuben crystal has illuminated everything it touches, casting light on the joys of everyday life. 

At Steuben, luxury is in the details. Flawless by design, Steuben is the epitome of the expression “crystal clear”. Exquisitely sculpted, delicately balanced; even the ping of Steuben stemware meeting for a toast is like no other. Refinements such as these, both great and small, bring a level of personal pleasure to life that can only be met when you are surrounded by the best. 

Based in New York for over a century, Steuben is crafted by accomplished artisans, polished to a brilliant gleam and inspected with an exceptional level of thought and care. At Steuben, we believe that no matter how forward our technology, the things we cherish most are those made by hand. 

In 1940, Steuben commissioned the landmark exhibition “27 Artists in Crystal”, featuring designs by legendary artists such as Georgia O’Keefe, Henri Matisse and Salvador Dalí. A tradition began. Today, Steuben collaborates with contemporary artists to create objects that bring pleasure to living and mark the passage of time.

An American classic, Steuben is the perfect accompaniment to a meaningful gathering and equally suited to an impromptu dinner party at home. With Steuben crystal, everyday moments – sharing a meal, lighting a candle, placing flowers – become occasions. 

The gift of Steuben leaves an impression that will be valued for years to come. A gesture filled with generosity, exceptional taste and goodwill, it is the ultimate way to magnify important moments and milestones. At Steuben, we are always pleased to personalize a gift, instilling it with the sentiment, thought and feeling it deserves. 

In addition to being available online, Steuben products may also be viewed and purchased at The Corning Museum of Glass in Corning, NY. We ask that if you choose to visit our retail location in person that you please review our COVID-19 Heath and Safety guidelines prior to your visit. Steuben is also available for purchase at the following retail locations: 

-Gearys in Beverly Hills, CA

-Lux, Bond, and Green in West Hartford, CT

-Online at CrystalClassics.com

-Online at TheEmperorsLane.com

We invite you to make every moment beautiful. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How did the legacy of Steuben begin?

Steuben is an American fine glass and crystal brand, which makes the highest-quality decorative collectibles and luxury housewares. The company was founded in 1903 in Corning, New York – which is in Steuben County – and Corning Incorporated acquired the brand in 1918. Like their European counterparts, Steuben was originally focused on colored glass, but began producing iconic colorless pieces in 1933 using a new formula from Corning Incorporated with a very high refraction index. These clear, modern creations, brought to life by the most talented artisans of each era, set the brand apart decade after decade. The brand remained in commercial production for over 100 years, representing the pinnacle of American craftsmanship and luxury.

What is the history behind the new Steuben products being produced today?

In 2008, 105 years after it was founded, the Steuben division was sold by Corning Incorporated to retail conglomerate Schottenstein Stores. When Schottenstein decided to end commercial production in 2011, Corning Incorporated repurchased the brand, preserving this important aspect of America’s design heritage. A more detailed history of the brand is available on our Brand Timeline.

Where can I buy new Steuben?

Corning Incorporated has exclusively licensed the Corning Museum of Glass (CMoG) to sell new Steuben, and it is currently available through the Museum Shops, either online or at the Museum, through www.steuben.com. All proceeds from these sales benefit the not-for-profit Museum.

Is the new Steuben crafted with the same attention to detail?

The new Steuben is made in artisanal hotshops and by original Steuben suppliers, using the same exacting standards that made the brand synonymous with excellence.

How did The Corning Museum of Glass come to be the stewards of the Steuben brand?

CMoG is the perfect partner to steward the Steuben brand, and the ties between CMoG and Steuben are long and deep. Many of the most important Steuben creations are in the Museum’s collection, and the largest display of early Steuben glass in the world is on view at the Museum. In addition, CMoG’s Rakow Research Library holds many of Steuben’s archives, and in 2015 the original Steuben factory was transformed into the Museum’s new space for Hot Glass Demonstrations. Licensing Steuben exclusively to the Museum also underscores Corning Incorporated’s commitment to supporting CMoG, since all proceeds from the sale of Steuben items go to the not-for-profit Museum. For more information on the Corning Museum of Glass, visit www.cmog.org. Memberships are available which provide many benefits, including discounts on Steuben purchases.

What types of designs are being offered?

The Museum Shops are offering select designs representing the full range of the Steuben brand, including art glass, collectibles, desk accessories, tabletop décor, stem and barware, and customizable pieces such as commemorative items and awards. Classic forms like hand coolers and animals are also available, alongside iconic designs from decades past as part of the Iconic Reintroductions series, as well as entirely new pieces from established Steuben designers. Steuben also offers signature collectibles to commemorate special occasions, including an annual Christmas ornament series. In addition, special commissions are also accepted and designs from a wide variety of categories can be personalized. Just look for the “Personalization” indicator in the item description online.

Will more new and iconic designs be forthcoming?

Yes. Presenting new designs across categories is at the heart of the new Steuben line, and collectors can expect to see these offerings regularly. At the same time, Steuben is committed to introducing the next generation to the brand’s classic forms through the Iconic Reintroductions series, which will also be updated with additional designs from across the decades.

Do you have someone who can appraise my Steuben glass?

Because of CMoG’s non-profit status, we are unable to appraise items (provide value estimates).